Hairtural is for you, the freedom-seeker! You, whose journey begins inward. You are unique!  

At Hairtural, your freedom begins by learning to accept your natural hair for what it is (coily, curly and kinky) and accepting it for what it is not (straight or smooth). At Hairtural, we celebrate your natural hair as it is, without adding unnatural products or using harsh tools.  
Hairtural Studio is the creator of the "No Heat, No Comb" salon category and the home of the DAMAGE-FREE™ (comb-free, heat-free, braid-free, dye-free) 2-hour natural hair pamper. Unlike other natural hair salons in Gauteng, Hairtural Studio understands that your healthy, natural hair is achieved by adding gentle, quality care to your daily beauty routine. That's why we're all about teaching you how to do your own natural hair maintenance. Hairtural Studio provides you with a nurturing environment for your Natural Hair Pamper and Continuing Natural Hair Learning.