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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Comb Your Natural Hair

Does the thought of combing your hair cause you anxiety and distress? You might have kamaphobia (the fear of combing your hair). Beautiful, healthy hair is possible with no-comb. Here are 3 reasons why you should throw away your combs and be Comb-Free.

1. Combing Causes Mechanical Damage

combing is the main cause of mechanical damage to the cortex (middle layer of your hair). The comb stretches the hair strand past its elastic limit and breaks your hair as it moves from the roots towards the hair ends. Rather finger detangle, that is, use your fingers to gently separate the knots and tangles. Your hair needs to be finger-detangled every two weeks to ensure that it doesn’t lock from the knots.

2. Combing is Painful

Combing is a violent act done on the hair that causes pain in the scalp. This pain comes from the nerve endings at the root of your hair follicle, which are sensitive. It’s no surprise why the thought of combing and the sight of a comb is emotionally distressing to young children (and adults).

3. Combing Forcefully Uncurls the Coils and Kinks

The shape of the hair follicle (tiny holes in the scalp where hair grows out of) determines how curly your hair is. Circular follicles produce straight hair while oval follicles produce curlier hair. Combing violently forces the hair to be smooth and straight, disrupting the hair’s natural curl pattern. Your natural hair is coily, curly and kinky - that is its beauty.

Have a look at the video below to see how you should finger detangle.


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