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Stop Combing Your Natural Hair and Rather Finger Detangle

You learned that combing causes damage from the 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Comb Your Natural Hair post, and you have decided to throw away your combs - and give your natural hair freedom. The next step is to replace combing with finger detangling. Here is our Why, How, and When...


Minimizes breakage

When finger-detangling you can feel the knots and tangles which makes it easier to

separate them without breakage. When using a comb it rips through your hair causing breakage and damage because a comb can't feel your hair and know when to stop. The crackling sound you hear when combing is your hair breaking.

Gentler on hair

Its's easier to be gentle when finger-detangling, as there is no pulling of the hair like when combing. This is definitely the best option for those who have a tender scalp.

More defined curls

Finger-detangling allows your hair to grow into its natural curl pattern. While combing

forces the hair to be smoothed out.


Section the hair

Take a small section at a time, this ensures that your whole hair is properly and thoroughly detangled and simplifies the process.

Apply conditioner

Saturate the hair with a conditioner with slip and work it into the hair.

Work from the hair ends towards the roots

Start to gently separate the tangled hair from the ends toward the roots


Every 2 weeks

The shape of your hair follicle (the whole your hair grows out of) determines the

curliness of your hair. This curliness results in your hair naturally tangling as it grows.

You need to finger-detangle every 2 weeks. The longer you wait the more tangled the hair will be.


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