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Top 5 Iconic Hairtural Hairstyles

The natural hair movement has grown over the last couple of years and we’ve been delighted to see more women embracing and enjoying their natural hair. Our mission is for you “to have the freedom to celebrate and enjoy the uniqueness of your natural hair”. Since we started operating the studio in April 2016, we’ve styled just over 50,000 heads of ONLY natural hair…. and we’ve created unique and iconic natural hairstyles.

There is always a hairstyle that suites you based on your natural hair profile (texture, type, elasticity). Whether your natural hair is short, medium or long, you’ll find your next favourite hairstyle. Here are our top 5 classic and iconic Hairtural hairstyles to choose from.


The bouquet hairstyle, as with all our hairstyles, takes its inspiration from our flora heritage. It has an intricate high bun at the top with moropotso all around it. It’s the ideal style for ballerinas and rhythmic gymnasts... and also popular for Mom-and-daughter dates.


The floret hairstyle resembles agapanthus florets that are about to bloom. An elegant style for those special occasions when you want to turn heads.

3.Single Bubbles The single bubbles hairstyle is popular with little ones but adding moropotso (cornrows) has added elegance and made it a popular classic for all ages.

4. Flowerlia This style has lots of versatility; the front can be turned into single bubbles, and the back can either be tuck-ins or floret. This is an all time Hairtural favourite with our clients.

5.Flat Bubbles

Sometimes you just want to do a quick style, but still look alluring and gorgeous. The flat bubble is the Hairtural hairstyle to do just that!

Keep your moisturized and sleep with a satin bonnet or pillow case at night to prolong the longevity of your hairstyles.

Book now to try one of our iconic hairstyle and express your uniqueness.


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