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Love your hair...

Love your hair for everything it is, and everything it's not. We must obsess over healthy hair and not length.

We asked some ladies what they love about their hair, and these are the responses we got...

"I love my hair cos it's beautiful and I don't have to put chemicals to make it look stunning..." Keitumetse Sefotlhelo

"My crowning glory." Thembisa Michelle Bheje

"I love my natural hair because it's so hair grows best and looks healthiest when it's natural..." Boikano Sikwane

"Natural." Boitumelo Bernadine Moeng

"My hair is my crown." Tsheypee Moloi

"Natural strong and beautiful...that's my hair." Ndo Feliti

"It's true African hair, very strubborn and resilient...dis rerig kaffir hare!!" Tiisetso Cube

"Though I am not my hair ("smile") life is in my hair. Au naturel!" Esme Molefe

"I love my hair coz I am an Original." Ingrid Toka

"Other people might see it as boring because thy are busy with Brazilian hair...but I love my hair because its my natural hair and it PERFECT 4 ME." Leigh Boo Marshy Masiteng

"I love my natural hair because it tells a story of where my roots lie." Tshireletso More

"I love my hair because it's strong, clean, natural n beautiful. I have been growing my hair for the past 6 years and it has taught me to be patient...I am happy with the results. I get compliments everywhere I go." Mpumie Jullz Nomhl'engendi Simoyi

"I love my hair becuase it's rich, strong, black and beautiful." Asanda Yolande Madubele


Be you...Be Hairtural

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