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Top 5 Ingredients For Healthy Natural Hair


Natural and quality ingredients have major hair health benefits... they can truly transform your natural hair. Here's our list of the top 5 ingredients for healthy natural hair.


Water is the most important hydrating ingredient for your natural hair. Your scalp gets water internally, that is why drinking water daily is a must. Your hair on the other hand gets its hydration from the air around it, which is why moisturizing regularly is important. Moisturizers must contain water as the main ingredient to hydrate your natural hair.


Sebaceous glands in your scalp produce sebum to coat and protect your natural hair. Sebum is a complex mixture of lipids (oils), and although lipids only make up 2-6% of the hair's overall weight, they play an important role in fusing protein (keratin) together to build the hair structure. The inherent structure of curly and coily hair tends to make it difficult for sebum to coat the entire hair shaft - so using oils and butters helps to create a protective seal around your natural hair, locking in the moisture.


Your body uses proteins to build tissue cells — including the cells of your hair, skin and nails. 80-85% of your hair is composed of a protein called keratin, that helps to ensure that your hair stays strong. There are two ways to provide your hair with protein; firstly through protein treatments, and secondly through your diet. Our protein enriched treatment penetrates the hair cuticle to strengthen it from the inside and reduce breakage.


Your hair needs protection throughout the seasons. In summer it needs protection from the harsh sun, pool chlorine, and the salt from the ocean. During winter the air becomes colder and results in your hair getting more drier. You can find the protective accessories listed below at AUTUM


Love is a verb, so loving your hair means giving it all the TLC it needs to stay healthy. This means regular cleansing and detangling. Also, avoid putting your scalp and hair under strain, try going comb-free, heat-free, braid-free, and dye-free.


What are some of YOUR favourite ingredients in natural hair products?


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