The AFROLOGY PROFESSIONAL treatments we use are created and formulated for natural hair. They are free of any harmful ingredients; free of parabens, free of sulphates, and free of mineral oils. Our 2-hour natural hair pamper is DAMAGE-FREE™ (comb-free, heat-free, braid-free, and dye-free) so that you can enjoy healthy manageable hair.

  • MOISTURISING TREATMENT; Our deep conditioning treatment hydrates dry, brittle hair and nourishes it with rich, emollient oils to soften your hair.

  • DETOX TREATMENT; Our clarifying treatment detoxes the hair and scalp by removing product build-up, dirt, dandruff, and impurities. Leaves your scalp and hair fresh.

  • STRENGTHENING TREATMENT; Our protein enriched treatment penetrates the hair cuticle to strengthen it from the inside and reduces breakage.

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