Hairtural is a natural hair salon that provides you with quality natural hair care treatments, products  and hairstylesHairtural is the creator of the "no-heat, no-comb" natural hair salon category.


DAMAGE-FREE™ 2-hour Natural Hair Pamper


  • Comb-free

  • Heat-free

  • Braid-free

  • Dye-free

Your scalp and hair's health is our primary concern, that is why we are Damage-free. Our gentle approach to handling hair is why dermatologists recommend us.


 (011) 234 1642   BRYANSTON, GAUTENG


We don't comb because it is painful and the main cause of mechanical damage to the cortex (middle layer of the hair). The comb breaks the hair as it moves from the roots towards the hair ends.

We finger-detangle; we use our fingers to gently separate the knots and tangles.


We don't use curling irons and blow driers because they dehydrate your hair, and can alter the internal protein structure of your hair resulting in breakage.

We plait your hair while it is moist to minimise damage and we let it air dry.


We do not use any braids (extensions) because they put strain on your hair and follicles, which may result in traction alopecia (hair loss). Furthermore, the chemicals used to coat braids for heat resistance and help prevent mould can cause irritation to your scalp (resulting in itching). We plait using only your hair (free hand) to protect your scalp and hair.


We don't colour hair because the dye has to penetrate the outer layer of the hair shaft (cuticle) by increasing the pH of the hair. This causes damage by lifting the cuticle and leaves the cortex (middle layer of the hair) exposed. The dye is extremely drying to the hair.


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Bouquet of Flowers


Lovely service each time I've been. There's an amazing hair shop affiliated with the salon called Autum, where you can buy the products used in the salon and hair bonnets and satin pillow cases. There's always a friendly reception to the place. I would recommend for moms and their kids.

Bouquet of Flowers


Great service and very clean environment

Bouquet of Flowers


Quant hair salon for black african hair or if your hair grows afro-ish. Constance tended to me, enjoyed her professionalism, I got a free head massage while my hair was washed. Covid 19 prevention measures in place. Recently opted to grow my hair, heard about them on 702, and I'm happy I bumped into them. They also sell hair products for your particular hair type.