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Dry Natural Hair Profile

Your hair is black, coils significantly and appears to be shaped like the letter "O" (type 4c). It has medium texture, that is the hair strand is the same size as sewing thread. When it gets the right amount of moisture and nourishment it grows quickly. It can shrink by more than 75% of its length when wet. Your hair wets easily but dries quickly.

When imbalanced your hair gets dry and brittle, you get split ends on almost every single hair strand, it tangles easily, and the hairline thins out. There is low sebum (oil) production causing the scalp to get dry and feel tight - this may result in small, dry, flaky dandruff that easily falls off the hair.

Recommended Hair Care Regimen

Your hair and scalp need HYDRATION and NOURISHMENT. Hair is hygroscopic, that is it gets its moisture from the air around it (learn more about this). So it’s important to moisturize it, and lock in that moisture with heavy oils and butters that nourish it (LOC method). Also deep condition twice a month (every week in winter) to maintain the moisture. Humidity levels drop in winter which causes your hair to be more dry. Sleep with a satin bonnet or pillowcase to protect your hair from dryness caused by friction between your hair and moisture absorbing materials like cotton. Your hair gets moisture from the air around it but your scalp gets its hydration internally, drink water daily to keep your scalp hydrated. Your scalp produces sebum to maintain the moisture. When your scalp is dry (not producing enough sebum) base it with a heavy nourishing oil like avocado oil.

Recommended Hairtural Studio Treatment

MOISTURIZING TREATMENT - A deep conditioning treatment that hydrates dry hair. It contains rich, emollient oils that nourish the hair leaving it soft.

Recommended Products

HAIRTURAL products are conditioning and water based to moisturize dry hair, they also contain nourishing oils that lock in moisture and protect against water loss. Hairtural products are available from Autum's online store.





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