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Fragile Natural Hair Profile

Your hair is soft with fine texture (hair strand is thinner than sewing thread), and the colour is black-brown. Your hair has a defined curl pattern with "S" shaped curls.

When imbalanced there is loss of colour (more brownish) and premature greying that can start in your 20s, with lots of breakage. if you have allergies, they are mainly skin-based reactions (like eczema, allergic dermatitis, rashes).

Recommended Hair Care Regimen

Your hair care regimen needs to focus on STRENGTHENING the hair, your products must have protein in them. Hair is hygroscopic, that is it gets its moisture from the air around it (learn more about this). So it’s important to moisturize it, and lock in that moisture with oils and butters (LOC method). Avoid applying heavy oils on your hair (like castor oil), they will weigh your hair down because fine hair tends to have a thinner cuticle layer. A scalp oil, that doesn't irritate your scalp, is recommended for a scalp massage to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. Nourishment for the hair comes via the blood vessels.

Recommended Hairtural Studio Treatment

STRENGTHENING TREATMENT - A protein enriched treatment that penetrates the hair cuticle to strengthen it from the inside and reduce breakage.

Recommended After-Care Product

JOYE products contain protein and light oils that penetrate the hair cuticle to strengthen the hair from the inside and reduce breakage. The products are light and do not weight down the hair.

If you don't know which natural hair profile you are, take our Hair Quiz to find out.


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