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Oily Natural Hair Profile

Your hair is thick, jet-black and lush. It is kinky (it bends in sharp angles like the letter "Z") and the hair texture is coarse - your hair strand is thicker than sewing thread.

When imbalanced the hair gets dry from lack of moisture while the scalp gets oily and becomes prone to wet dandruff (large, yellow flakes that clump together on the scalp and hair shaft).

Recommended Hair Care Regimen

Hair is hygroscopic, that is it gets its moisture from the air around it (learn more about this). So it’s important to moisturize it, and lock in that moisture with oils and butters that nourish it (LOC method). If your scalp is oily it can cause greasy hair, it is important to DETOX it on a regular basis. Avoid heavy oils (like castor oil) on your scalp, they are comedogenic and will clog up your follicles causing dandruff. Grape seed oil is a perfect match for your scalp.

Recommended Hairtural Studio Treatment

DETOX TREATMENT - A clarifying treatment that detoxes the hair and scalp by removing product build-up, dirt, dandruff, and impurities. It leaves the scalp and hair fresh.

Recommended After-Care Products

PLUMM products help regulate sebum production to eliminate a greasy scalp. The light texture as well as disinfecting properties help counter the overproduction of sebum. The products also contain oils that are non-comedogenic (not pore clogging).

If you don't know which natural hair profile you are, take our Hair Quiz to find out.


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